The Facility
A.K.A The Uranus Dental
and Proctology Clinic
Escape Room Fort Wood
Only Terror Awaits Those Brave Enough
To Schedule Their Annual Teeth Cleaning
and Proctology Exam In The Facility 
You and a group of friends are looking for a buddy who had Scheduled an appointment here, but now you are locked inside the examination room and only have one hour to escape before Doctor Keen returns.
  Your buddy has left you clues to escape but it is up to you and your friends to solve the riddles before the evil Doctor takes you all on a terror trip through Uranus, where NO ONE SURVIVES!
1 Hour Room
36% Escape rate
Escape Room Missouri\

Da Vinci’s Office
A.K.A The Holy Grail
is in Uranus

You Will Have To Explore Uranus
To Find The Holy Grail Or You And
Your Friends Will Never Escape
The Mayor of Uranus has kidnapped Leonardo Da Vince by order of the Pope of Uranus. They have sent word to your and your gaggle of associates that you have One Hour to find the Holy Grail or Da Vinci, You and your friends and Justin Beiber will Perish in Uranus
Luckily, Da Vinci left you riddles and puzzles that only the smartest and bravest can unravel. Do you have what it takes to probe the mysteries of Uranus in search of the Holy Grail?
1 Hour Escape Room
31% Success Rate

Escape Room Missouri

Tesla Room
Based off of Electrical Engineer

Nikola Tesla

The year is 1943.
Tesla just recently passed away.  As federal agents sent to recover his writings, inventions and researches from a recently discovered basement laboratory, you much divide and conquer in order to finish the room in time.

If you fail…..his research/work might fall into the wrong hands like the EVIL Doctor Keen…..

30 Minute Escape Room
25% Success Rate

Escape Room Missouri